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How To Keep The Momentum Going

It's no secret that summertime means vacations, camping trips, later nights, and more fun! Often though, it can mean that a bit of the momentum gained in guitar or piano lessons during the school year is lost as long weekends turn into short weeks.

Acoustic guitar and music book in a field

What are some things you can do to keep the momentum going?

The first thing you can do is attend live concerts and festivals as often as possible. There are SO many opportunities to hear live music in the summer. Everything from classical concerts, to jazz festivals, rock shows, choral or wind ensemble concerts, and buskers on the streets of Asheville - there are so many ways to see and hear great performances from outstanding musicians in breathtaking venues.

Seeing an amazing pianist or guitarist perform a piece of beautifully written music is hugely inspiring! I can't count the number of times I've gone to a concert and left immediately inspired to go home and practice.

What else can you do? For younger musicians, attending a Suzuki Institute is an incredibly transformational. Students and parents who attend can expect several days of solo playing, performance opportunities, group classes, individual lessons and workshops, games, and concerts. Perhaps best of all, these camps are a great time and a fantastic way to meet other young music students studying the Suzuki literature.

The environment at these institutes is very nurturing, and the transformations I've had a chance to witness have been remarkable. Each student gets an opportunity to work with a master teacher, once each day during the camp. It's a great way to get a lot of work done on a few pieces, and make some serious strides in terms of technique and performing skills.

Even if you're not studying music with the Suzuki Method, these camps can be amazing. But what happens if there aren't any Suzuki Institutes near you? There are many other great music and band camps. Here in Asheville, there is still time to register for the UNC Asheville Summer Piano Camp. If you live in town, this is a great option, since you can stay at your own home each night, reducing the overall cost while still getting the benefit of a music camp!

Hands on a piano

Now's the time to start looking into summer camps. I can't overstate the value of these experiences. They're fun confidence builders, and will motivate young musicians to keep with it until school starts and they're back to the Monday through Friday grind.

How about you? What do you do to stay motivated during the summer?

If you're ready to get started taking piano lessons, contact us and set up your first free lesson today!

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