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Recital Announcement!

Hi Everyone!

We're excited to announce that we'll be having not one but two! recitals this summer, to better accommodate everyone's schedules. While participation in both is not required, we encourage all students to consider each performance opportunity a chance to work on the craft of playing in front of an audience!

Based on an informal poll, about half of the group wanted a recital on June the 16th and the other half wanted the recital on July 7th. One parent wisely mentioned that 7/7 is on the same week as July 4th. Given that, the second recital has been changed to July 14th.

These recitals will be held at:

Audaci Church

3867 Sweeten Creek Rd

Arden, NC 28704

The recitals will begin at 4pm on June 16th and July 14th.

For guitar and piano students who are interested, please respond to your respective instructors regarding these upcoming performance opportunities!

There will be a charge of one lesson fee ($25) per performer, per recital. Everyone is invited to perform in both recitals. Please be sure that if your child wishes to perform at both that you mention that in an email or at your next lesson.

Until next time, happy practicing!

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