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Musical Activities For The Whole Family

Summer is quickly approaching, and that means more opportunities for family outings! If you're looking to keep your young musician engaged with the music learning process, here are a few ideas to keep them going through the warmer months:

1. Share playlists. Make playlists on your favorite streaming site and try out different themes. You could make a list of upbeat songs that are fun to dance to, contemplative classical music, songs to listen to when you're working out - the options are endless! If appropriate, have your child make one for you, and then listen to each others' list. You might both discover something new that you really like!

Records and headphones

2. Musical arts and crafts are a super fun way to get younger musicians to experiment with rhythm and tone. Pinterest is a wealth of great ideas. We also found this site, with a bunch of inexpensive, fun crafts that will get your children making music in no time!

3. Group music classes are fun for everyone! Many Suzuki schools offer group lessons or play-ins once a month. For very young beginners in the Asheville area, Asheville Music Together is an awesome organization that works with children up to age 5, and is a wonderful way to prepare your child for formal music lessons in the future!

4. See a concert or go to a music festival. Performance opportunities are everywhere! Check out classical music organizations to see what their summer calendars look like. Your city may offer a free summer concert series too! Even if your child is taking classical piano, s/he might really enjoy seeing a jazz trio perform. Musical performances aren't just great fun to watch and listen to. They're learning opportunities for young performers!

Orchestra, violins, violinists

5. Start taking music lessons! Whether you want to play classical guitar, piano, violin, or another instrument, the summertime is a great time to get started. If your child wants to start playing music, s/he is bound to have more time in the summer, and it's a great time to test the waters on a new activity, building practicing habits while other extracurricular activities are at a minimum.

Are you or your child looking to start taking piano lessons? We offer Suzuki piano as well as traditional classical piano lessons, and weekly slots are available all summer long. Contact us today to get your first FREE lesson!

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