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What A Beautiful Recital!

This past weekend was absolutely wonderful, and we're so proud of the students who performed at Audaci for our June 2018 guitar and piano recital!

Steve performed a wonderful piece on guitar at the close of the recital, and you can now find a video of that performance on our Summit Academy Official YouTube channel!

Speaking of videos, all those who performed in this past recital will be receiving a private, unlisted link to their performance. We're planning to record all performances moving forward and logging them on a special, unlisted playlist on our channel, so students and their parents can watch their progress over the years.

It's truly amazing to watch young musicians grow from beginners to intermediate players and even advanced performers! :)

If you weren't able to catch the recital, be sure to watch the video of Steve's performance and join us for the next one on July 14th!

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