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Why Perform?

What a beautiful recital we just had! We're so grateful to The Feed And Seed for graciously hosting (by donation) our packed recital. It was a wonderful experience to see our students sharing their hard work and musicality with everyone!

Recently in a lesson, I had a student express uncertainty as to whether or not he should perform. Both his parent and I were firmly in favor of him trying it out, which he eventually decided to do. But it made me think about the reasons why we do recitals in the first place.

orchestra performing in opera house

First, performing music publicly is a practiced art. It's something that becomes easier and more fun the more you do it, just like learning piano or guitar in general! The act of simply playing a learned piece of music in front of others is practicing performing well under pressure, a skill which comes in handy in SO many areas in life.

It's also a great way to connect with other musicians and musical families! What better way to get to know another guitarist or pianist your own age than to play alongside them at a classical music recital? Creating a thriving musical community is a big part of what the Suzuki Method is all about, and is definitely something we hope to foster here at Summit Academy!

Speaking of other students, this is a great way to hear pieces of music you've never heard before. Like that Beethoven Sonata you just heard? Now you've got a new repertoire goal (and a connection to someone who's studied that music in depth and can maybe even offer pointers!). Music is meant to be shared and can be a huge source of inspiration for artists of all ages.

Lastly, recitals are also a great way to show your young musicians how much their work is valued! Dressing up nicely and performing, followed by going out for a nice ice cream treat, a tasty dinner, or a family movie night is a great way to celebrate the hard work and musical achievements of these young artists. It can be a fun family outing that everyone looks forward to!

I know we're certainly looking forward to the next recital. If you know of a good place where we could do the next one, please feel free to mention it in your next lesson!

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