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Summer Music Camps - Now's The Time!

As we are nearing summer, it's time to start thinking of things you can do to enrich your child's off time in meaningful ways. If you're not sure, consider an arts or music camp, such as a Suzuki Institute. At a Suzuki Institute, your child can get specialized attention on their specific instrument and can make friends with and learn from others who play the same instrument, as well as have exposure to other instruments such as piano, guitar, cello, violin, and more.

children playing cello and violin

Arts camps in general offer many opportunities to collaborate and creatively problem solve. These types of opportunities aren't as common in the traditional school setting, and are fun, hands-on learning experiences. The camps often provide a non-competitive learning atmosphere, where making mistakes is encouraged, and the learning process is the focus, instead of strictly the end result.

Compare that to a traditional school setting, where most activities have measurements and grades attached, and where a fear of failure can prevent some children from trying new things.

These camps are also just really fun! A young pianist going to a summer camp might have the opportunity to try out guitar just for fun, or take a swimming or rowing class. Violinists or guitarists who may typically play alone may have an opportunity to play in a group setting, sharpening their listening and cooperation skills. Classical players may have an opportunity to dabble in jazz and try their hands at improvisation.

All of this isn't without a larger purpose either. With automation on the rise, it's crucial that children today learn creative problem solving skills and develop the confidence to use them prior to entering an increasingly competitive job market. The ability to be more creative than a machine will be what provides true job security well into the 21st century.

Do you have a summer camp recommendation? Let us know! We'd love to spread the word. :)

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