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The Summit Academy of Music is a locally-owned, independent music school in Asheville, NC, that specializes in expert guitar and piano lessons for people of all ages and abilities.

We teach students of all ages (3+) and abilities from our convenient South Asheville / Arden location. We offer Suzuki music lessons for young children, and offer classical guitar and classical piano lessons for all ages, as well as other styles. Students studying rock, folk, or jazz with us can benefit from our expert knowledge in classical music studies. When a music teacher has comprehensive knowledge of the instrument from a classical perspective, this gives the students a unique advantage in understanding the whole instrument and the music, from inside and out. We help our students learn in a way that empowers them.

Lessons at The Summit Academy of Music in Asheville are where fun, creativity, musicianship, exploration, and diligence come together. We tailor the learning process for each student, maximizing growth and success.

Guitar and Piano Lessons

Guitar Lessons for Children
Piano Lessons for Children
Guitar Lessons for Teens & Adults
Piano Lessons for Teens & Adults

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