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Guitar Lessons for Children

"Children are inherently musical."

At The Summit Academy of Music, we focus on the Suzuki method when teaching guitar lessons for young children. The Suzuki method developed from the belief that all children are inherently musical, and have the talent and ability to learn music well out of their natural creative capabilities. Here we use the Suzuki method for children, but never in the same way for each child. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach at The Summit Academy of Music. Your experience here is tailored for your child’s unique gifted-ness and learning style–whatever suits your child’s needs best.


At The Summit Academy of Music, we start teaching young children at age 4. Occasionally, some children are ready for lessons at age 3. Please contact us to inquire about your child’s guitar readiness, and we’ll be glad to work with you.

We recommend that young children take lessons 1 time per week for 30 minutes each lesson. As children grow, their needs may change, and lesson length may increase accordingly. Steve will work with your family to adapt lessons for your unique needs.

"When I contacted Steve about guitar lessons for my nine year old son, I hoped that I had found a teacher that would help establish proper technique, good practice habits, and an appreciation for the guitar.  What I hadn’t expected was a teacher who was not only a consummate musician, but a true inspiration. Steve’s energy and enthusiasm sparked each lesson, and provided the motivation for the work required to improve. Steve’s wide-ranging musical interests infused the lessons with life, while his devotion to his art proved infectious."

– Randy Walker

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