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Does The Summit Academy of Music provide lessons on instruments other than the guitar?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we also teach piano. The Summit Academy of Music is growing, and our vision is to help Summit blossom and offer lessons for a variety of instruments. When you register for lessons at Summit, you are helping the school grow into the high-caliber community music school that we envision for South Asheville.

Why should I take lessons at The Summit Academy of Music?

There’s no better opportunity for excellent music education than what’s available at The Summit Academy of Music. Your studies are centered around who you are, and what your goals and dreams are. Teaching is our pride and joy; you’re never “just another student” here. If you want a half-hearted experience where you feel like your teacher doesn’t listen to you, then The Summit Academy of Music is not for you. If you’re interested in exploring, growing, and blossoming creatively andgaining some stellar guitar or piano skills at the same time, then it’s time to contact The Summit Academy of Music.

I don’t have an instrument yet; can I still sign up for lessons?

Yes. We can help you select a guitar, piano, or keyboard that is right for your budget and goals.

Also, please contact us to inquire about instrument rentals.

I am left-handed. Can you teach me to play the guitar?

Yes! The guitar is an ambidextrous instrument. What does that mean? Both hands do equally difficult and different tasks. It doesn’t matter if you’re right-handed or left-handed. There’s no need to buy a special guitar, or go to the trouble of stringing up your guitar differently. Playing the guitar as a leftie is just as easy, and challenging, as it is for anyone else.

What if I’m interested in taking lessons, but don’t want to commit?

You can start lessons at anytime, and take a break when you need to. We offer a free consultation + trial lesson, so you know what you’re signing up for. Each month’s tuition is due in full at the start of the month, but there are no contracts. Contact us to get started!

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