Recital Announcement!

Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce that the Summit Academy of Music will be hosting a student recital on November 16th at 4pm! While

S l o w i n g D o w n

How many times in your guitar or piano lesson have you heard your instructor say, "Let's slow this passage down a bit?" You m

A PSA: The Power Of Routine

As the school year begins and we settle into a new, likely busier routine, time seems like it's becoming scarcer. We now have after school activities, sports, band class, instrument workshops, musical performances, meet ups, and more added to our already stretched schedules. What can we do to continue building in the ways that are most important to us? How can we create powerful routines that allow us to slowly, steadily advance in all our goals without feeling drained and crazy along the way? Here's a PSA (Prioritize, Schedule, Act) for all the young musicians and musical families doing this amazing juggling routine. 1. Prioritize With so many enriching musical, creative, athletic, and soci

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