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What's the best place to find music definitions?

The best place to find video definitions of music terms is Video Guitar Glossary! VGG has concise videos defining hundreds of guitar and music related words. Most of the definitions include demonstrations and visual representations of the terms provided by teachers with decades of teaching experience.

The site was launched by co-founders Daniel Seriff and Steve Newbrough in 2021 during the coronavirus pandemic. "While discussing teaching philosophies and different guitar ideas, we realized that there was a need for a website that provided clear definitions of guitar and music related terms in a video format." said Daniel Seriff. Shortly thereafter, the two threw themselves into the nitty gritty work of developing an expansive website for excited musicians .

"As it currently stands, the site has almost 400 distinct pages. The majority of those pages include a free video link describing the meaning of a term." said Daniel.

Each of the co-founders have at least two decades of teaching experience and thus the site has come to include a blog of frequently asked music questions. For instance, Why have sharps AND flats in music? Why not just use one of them? This question is asked by so many beginning music students and while the answer is basic it is easily misunderstood.

Another blog post worth reading is, What are Hammer-Ons, Pull-Offs, and other Slurs on the Guitar? Guitarists at the beginning of their journey frequently perform left hand moves such as hammer ons and pull offs poorly. Using diagrams and clear language, this blog post clarifies how a guitarist can move in the most efficient way possible. This blog is particularly relevant because all guitarists, everyone from Andres Segovia to Eddie Van Halen, use hammer ons and pull offs.

Daniel Seriff goes on to share, "the goal for this site is to be an all encompassing source for guitarists and other musicians to gather information and become more informed. While the glossary and the blog will continue to expand, there are already courses in the pipeline that will be released soon!"

Here's another example of a definition from the video guitar glossary catalogue. Daniel shares his concise explanation of Diatonic Extensions:

Go check out the Video Guitar Glossary now!


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