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Online Music Lessons: The New Normal

It's been about a month since beginning this online music lesson adventure, and honestly, I'm impressed at how easy this transition has been. It's been so amazing to continue to connect with all of you, to see you at your home instruments, and to keep making progress on all of your musical goals.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you! It's been such a blessing to be able to continue working and to have regular human contact, because it can certainly get lonely up here on the mountain!

I'm impressed with Zoom's ability to keep up with the increased demands on its platform and also with everyone's flexibility and adaptability with all of these recent changes. Although I hope we can return to in-person lessons soon, it's been a real delight to see everyone stick with it.

One parent wanted to share her and her son's experience on Facebook with this testimonial:

Piano Student Learning Online

"My little piano prodigy is still powering through Zoom piano lessons and advancing his skills. Virtual lessons can really be effective with great teachers! Now might be a better time than ever to learn a new musical instrument. #musicislife" - Grace M.

Thanks to Grace and to all of you who continue to support us as we support you. Together we will move forward and be stronger for it! Until next time, stay safe and healthy... and stay home.

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