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Keep It Going With Summer Music Camps

Summertime is approaching, and now's the perfect time to be thinking about summer music camps!

Music camp can be such a transformative experience for many young musicians. It's an opportunity to make friends, perform, and get lessons from master teachers who offer different techniques and approaches than their primary instructors will. Young pianists, guitarists, and violinists can really hone their skills and make a good bit of progress on their pieces during these intensive camps!

Guitarist in boat

If you're in the Asheville area, there are a few options that are here and close by. UNCA is offering a summer piano camp, but the deadline is coming up really soon! If you're interested, be sure to apply by April 30. This camp is especially geared toward intermediate and advanced middle and high schoolers, and is a great opportunity for working families that is close by.

There are several different Suzuki Institute camps offering piano this summer, including a great one in Emory, VA. If that week doesn't work for your family, or if they don't offer your instrument, there are Suzuki Institutes all over the country! Interested in one of these camps but don't have a Suzuki background? Although knowing the Suzuki literature is certainly helpful, it's not an absolute necessity. I've seen students who have studied traditional classical do just fine at these camps and really get a lot out of it.

We'd love to hear about other camps in the area! If you or your child have attended an awesome music camp, let us know! I did find one in Greensboro, that might be worth the drive.

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